Te Hono

Providing support, knowledge and the tools needed to enable rangatahi to transition into adulthood successfully, growing and developing into independent adults who contribute positively to our community.


Te Hono (Transition to Adulthood) is run through Oranga Tamariki. Referrals are made by social workers, with the rangatahi having to also consent to the referral.

Plans are made collaboratively by our transition worker, the participant involved and their social worker, creating a tailored strategy to best support the rangatahi to prepare and thrive as independent young adults.

The programme is youth focused and led, with input encouraged and valued from participating rangatahi. Having the Imagine Believe Achieve and Tauranga Boxing Academy in the same space is hugely beneficial as rangatahi are able to access these programmes should they need to, gaining further skills and opportunities such as apprenticeships through our employment partners.


This programme wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Oranga Tamariki

Intake Dates



Tailored to each individual participant


There is no cost


Youth aged 14 years 9 months - 21 years and been referred by Oranga Tamariki.

Participants must have spent a minimum of 3 months in a youth justice facility if they haven’t had any other matters with Oranga Tamariki.

Youth over 21 years may stay involved with us until they are 25 if required.


Opportunities to strengthen positive relationships with caregivers and/or other trusted adults that endure into adulthood.
Increased self-esteem and confidence through access to positive role models and continued support.
Knowledge on government and community support available they may need to help manage challenges and how to access these support services.
Opportunities for further support and development with integration into other programmes such as Tauranga Boxing Academy and Imagine Believe Achieve.
For those that are ready a successful pathway back into education or employment with continued support from us.
Increased independence from education, support and engagement around practical life skills.
Improved mental wellbeing through our support and strategies to help minimise stress.


Our dedicated team are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of youth coaching. They all share the same goal of making positive and lasting change to the lives of our youth, supporting them in reaching their full potential and providing opportunities for them to achieve their dreams.

With support from other NZ Police and Ministry of Education Staff.

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