Our Facilitators

Our focus has always been on getting the very best people possible, as we believe it’s the people that make all the difference when working with youth.

About the Team

We’re proud to have such a diverse and highly skilled team. Athletes, lawyers, registered psychologists, educators, youth workers and cultural experts on our team, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Our team members have extensive training, experience and qualifications in their respective fields and are highly skilled to provide the best possible service to our youth.

Qualifications include:


Brook Rapson

Lead Facilitator Te Ara Kaha

Henry Fa’afili

TBA Head Coach, Head facilitator Aiga

Naomi Williams

Lead Facilitator

Paora Howe

IBA Kaitohutohu/Advisor

Mark Inman

Operations Manager

Rachel Wikeepa

TBA Office Manager and Mentor; Aiga facilitator

Kasey Anderson

TBA facilitator, Aiga facilitator, Youth Mentor

Shamay King

TBA Facilitator, Aiga Facilitator, Youth Coach

Jonah Dobson

Te Ara Kaha Facilitator

Megan Williams

Registered Psychologist

Tanya Grimstone

Funding & Administration Manager

Eden Cowley (Ngāti Awa)

Youth Development Officer

Jess Verran

Accounts Manager
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