Te Ara Kaha

Te Ara Kaha is a fun, exciting, adventure-based programme for youth. It is designed to foster personal growth by providing them with outdoor adventure experiences in natural environments.


The outdoor activities offered by Te Ara Kaha (“The Strong Pathway”) create opportunities for participants to engage in hands-on learning experiences and make meaningful healthy choices. At the same time, they learn our core values of Whakaute (Respect), Manaakitanga (Kindness), Manawaroa (Resilience), and Takohanga (Responsibility).

The programme is designed to carefully and purposefully guide Taiohi, so that they develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves and of the world around them. By being exposed to challenging situations, Taiohi are helped to improve their self-confidence, decision-making and self-management skills.

Te Ara Kaha also addresses potentially unhealthy behaviours by encouraging youth to focus on their own positive personal growth – free from the distractions and potentially negative influences of everyday life. The skills that they learn and develop in the outdoors are transferable and lifelong. Taiohi will learn to become trustworthy, respectful, kind, resilient and responsible members of our community. 


This programme wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the Ministry of Youth Development

Intake Dates

April 15th - 18th (12+ yr olds)

April 22nd - 24th (12+ yr olds)

Saturday Programme - term time, requested specifically (12+ yr olds)


Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm

Saturday 9am - 3pm




Youth aged 15-18 years (Seniors) and 12-14 years (Juniors).


Strong pathways - develop skills so that they feel confident and positive about their future pathways
New experiences - have experiences that they haven’t tried before
Challenging experiences - face perceived risks, overcome fears, gain self-confidence and enhance their ability to cope
Escape - free themselves from the tensions and complexities of modern day life
Success - achieve a highly personal sense of accomplishment
Knowledge - learn more about themselves and the environment
Physical fitness - be engaged in activities that increase their strength, stamina and fitness levels
Socialise - meet others who have undergone similar life experiences
Unity - develop the qualities of trust, respect, kindness, resilience and responsibility, by doing things together
Cooperation - develop relationships skills by learning to appreciate, respect and act with compassion towards others
Nature - develop an appreciation for nature and concern for the environment and community


Our dedicated team are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of youth coaching. They all share the same goal of making positive and lasting change to the lives of our youth, supporting them in reaching their full potential and providing opportunities for them to achieve their dreams.

With support from other NZ Police and Ministry of Education Staff.

Brook Rapson

Lead Facilitator Te Ara Kaha

Jonah Dobson

Te Ara Kaha Facilitator

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